EB125 - Can You Prevent the Seeds of Failure from Blooming? © Question:  
My experience with people claiming to have had Quality Management training has been very disappointing.   I've expected them to be able to manage and lead effectively but have too-often found that the "credential" they own is misleading.   Am I alone in this perception?

Larry:  No, you're not alone.  I've heard that complaint many times.  Let me begin by quoting myself: "The seeds of failure are sown casually while designing a project and reaped intensely during the implementation."

The truth is that there will always be supposed "experts" who are busy "selling" their seminar credential instead of designing a training process that will deliver the measurable competencies required to produce a reliable Quality Manager.  A Quality Management instructor's competency cannot be "franchised" and the Learner's credential must be "earned" to have any value.  When these elements have been under-designed, under-delivered or are missing, the results aren't very encouraging.

Unfortunately, as the "end-user" of the training, you've inherited the "seeds of failure" sown by others.  When training is not measured by testing and other activities that prove competency, it's a failure of design.  What's worse is that the Learner is given incomplete training and a skewed vision of the value of the training.  So they arrive on your doorstep and "don't know what they don't know" until you've put them to work believing that the "credential" is meaningful.

At QMI, we understand the confusion that exists in the training industry and that's why we offer a Free Introductory Webinar.   We think you should be able to "test drive" the training and decide whether or not it will deliver what you need.  Then you can choose the training option and payment plan that fits your budget.  Our "Affiliates" provide expert advice via a specialized forum that's specific to their profession; but the Quality Management training is delivered via QMI's proprietary Learning Management System, allowing us to preserve the consistency of our training and avoid the troubles caused by an incomplete curriculum.

Yes, you can "prevent the seeds of failure from blooming."  We'll show you how to apply the QM principles to your work processes as well as your human resource issues.  We've tested them across the economic spectrum and we'll show you how to apply them to your enterprise.